Friday, 12 February 2016

... life long learning.

 I home school!

      Most people have a misconception about home schooling. Some think  it means doing what you want, when you want, if you want! Although some do, I actually have a million books I read and follow a program  every day(although some days we take off!). For me, home schooling is being with my mum or dad and learning in a fun way! I am exposed to  stuff that I never thought of, or never even new existed! I am  learning without feeling pressurized.

    My parents  choose what I learn, which books we use and the schedule. We have a flexible routine, starting between 8:00 and 8:30 and finishing, well when we finish!

   Home schooling is who I am and how I learn. It would be hard to imagine going to a regular school. I love homeschooling and I know you would to!

    I do not have to worry about making friends because most schools allow me to take part in their sporting activities, and I also do sport at various clubs.There are  homeschooling groups all over the world, that means meeting other homeschoolers and doing stuff with them is possible for everyone. I even have pen pals all over the world!

    My mom  teaches my brother and I all we need to know! My mom chooses what suit's us the best. If something is too easy she makes it a little more difficult, and if it's too difficult she makes it a little easier.

   I love reading, it's one of my favorite things to do, I have read hundreds of books, and all because my mom always read aloud to us.

  Life long learning!!!

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