Friday, 26 February 2016

Are you a sun and a rock?

   The sun gives light to our world. It stands out in our sky. Sometimes clouds cover it, but the sun will always find a way to let its light shine.

   You and I must also be a light to the world. We must stand strong and be steadfast in God  and always try to let our light shine. Some people will try to break us down but we must always be ready to break through the clouds.The sun will sometimes be covered with clouds, and sometimes you and I will be pulled down by people,but that must not stop us.

   A rock in the middle of the see is always being crashed by waves  and weather. It will stand there night and day. It will always be there no matter what.

   We must be like rocks. Ready to stand firmly night and day for our family and our friends.We must always be there in the tough times and in the good times.

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