Friday, 19 February 2016

Healthy choices and exercise

 2016! Wow, it's a new year with in a new  grade,with new sports and new challenges!

 This year my mom, brother and I decided to start our year with lots of exercise and healthy food choices. We started running, doing sprints(sprints are very hard after each sprint I found myself in the swimming pool), and an obstacle course, doing push ups, sit ups and much more. We are working towards a higher fitness level.

 Exercising is not easy, but once I got into a rhythm, it became easier. For example,  I started with  five push-ups a day and slowly  increased it!

 Healthy choices are difficult to make, because I like sweets(yummy) more than I  like vegetables, I like water but a like juice more. Making  healthy choices are not easy, but the more I make them the easier they become. The last  time I went to a restaurant I did not drink a coca-cola or a milkshake I made the healthy choice to drink water.      

 I hope this inspired you to make healthy choices and to exercise!



  1. Sounds like fun Skye. Think I am going to do the same,but I love coffee. It is going to be hard to drink more water *sigh*.

  2. Yes, it is very fun. Coffee is fine as long as you don't drink sugar with it every time!