Wednesday, 13 January 2016

... doing the right thing.

Tribes by Catherine Macphail 
   The book is about a boy named Kevin that thinks gangs are stupid. And to be honest I think so to. 
He thinks he is never going to join one. But as one gang chases him, the Tribe (the leader gang) “saves” him.  In truth, the Tribe defeated their enemies and with that “saved” Kevin.

   The Tribe pressured him to join but at first he declined. He found out, that joining the Tribe was not as easy as just agreeing to join. I don't believe that  it was the right thing to do, joining the Tribe, but saying no is sometimes tough. Kevin discovered,  when it was all most too late, that it's far harder to leave, than to join.

   This book encouraged me to do the right thing before it’s too late. Making tough decisions, when they count most. I hope when you read this book you feel the same way.

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