Tuesday, 12 January 2016

My Foundation

Ties That Bind Ties That Brake-Lensey Namioka
School has just started (in South Africa our school year runs from January to December) and I have all ready read two awesome books!

The first book is about a little girl that resides in China in 1911.She is almost five and is already engaged! Thank goodness my culture does not work that way!

But the engagement is called off as little Ailin is determined not to let her feet be bound. Quite honestly I would also not agree to having my toes bent over, breaking them and enduring excruciating pain. This leads to great grief in the Taos family, for a girl with bound feet is  most likely to get a husband. 

Ailin grows up to realize just how powerless a Chinese girl is in her society. But then she is presented with an opportunity of a life time. She must make the hardest decision in her young life.

I learned a lot  from reading this book. I realised that you should fight for what you believe, to stay strong in the moments that you feel like crying , and even if you're different you are still special.

I have red hair, that makes me different! Sometimes I am made fun of but deep down I know my Father God has destined me for great things. People can say and do what they wish, but I know where my foundation is. Hope you know too...

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